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Military Keynesianism under the Obama Presidency Otra
Zap! American officials can destroy foreign firms like gremlins on a screen. But there are also big downsides to the actions against Rusal and ZTE The Economist
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The Kamprad test. IKEA furniture and the limits of AI. Humans have had a good run. But with the most recent breakthrough in robotics, it is clear that their time as masters of planet Earth has come to an end The Economist
Artificial intelligence. Robots can assemble IKEA furniture. Cower before your silicon overlords, puny humans The Economist
Streets ahead. The world's first neighbourhood built 'from the internet up'. Toronto's run-down Quayside area will have snow-melting pavements, package-delivery robots and self-driving shuttles The Economist
Rumble in the jungle. Glencore, a hard-slugging mining giant, meets its match in Congo. A fight between two billionaires involves a coveted mineral, cobalt The Economist