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Translation required. Turning brain signals into useful information. Once data have been extracted from the brain, how can they be employed to best effect? The Economist
The next frontier. Using thought to control machines. Brain-computer interfaces may change what it means to be human The Economist
Teens and screens. Cutting adolescents' use of social media will not solve their problems. Better to give them more homework and let them hang out more with friends, unsupervised The Economist
The youth of today. Teenagers are better behaved and less hedonistic nowadays. But they are also lonelier and more isolated The Economist
Inside intelligence. The best way of looking at the brain is from within. The hunt for smaller, safer and smarter brain implants The Economist
Painting the map green. As China gets tough on pollution, will its economy suffer? The received wisdom was that greener growth would be slower. So far, that hasn't happened The Economist
Grey matter, red tape. In search of serendipity. How obstacles to workable brain-computer interfaces may be overcome The Economist
Headache. Reading the brain from the outside. Can brain activity be deciphered without opening up the skull? The Economist
Prospectors, barons and suits. Multinationals move in to Colombia's emerald mountains. They offer steady jobs, but some miners would rather hunt stones on their own The Economist
Low-carb diet. Companies are moving faster than many governments on carbon pricing. Nearly 1,400 firms globally with combined revenues of $7trn already use, or soon will, 'internal carbon prices' The Economist