Ford's Own Reliability Problem Weighs on Earnings


Stock, Kyle [2014], “Ford's Own Reliability Problem Weighs on Earnings”, Business Week, New York, 25 de abril,

Business Week
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Viernes, Abril 25, 2014
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Ford plunked down a pile of money to pay for a massive currency accident in Venezuela, but it had to cough up an extra $400 million to cover warranty costs on its old models and another $100 million to pay for shipment delays caused by a harsh US winter. Together, snowstorms and clunky 2005 Thunderbirds are holding the company back, even as it focuses on stamping out a cutting-edge aluminum pickup and 22 other new vehicles this year. On the new-car front, Ford looks fine. CEO Alan Mulally called it "a solid quarter" and his board approved a 25% spike in Ford's dividend, which may pacify investors who had expected better this morning.