PepsiCo Promises Not to Buy Sugar Grown on Contested Land


Wong, Venessa [2014], “PepsiCo Promises Not to Buy Sugar Grown on Contested Land”, Business Week, New York, 19 de marzo,

Business Week
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Miércoles, Marzo 19, 2014
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Five months ago, antipoverty group Oxfam called out some of the world's largest food and beverage companies for buying sugar, palm oil, and soy from suppliers that kick people off their land to make way for plantations. On Tuesday, PepsiCo, one of the companies named by Oxfam, announced new rules for its suppliers specifically prohibiting the practice. Pepsi's new policy includes zero tolerance for land displacements of people, requires fair and legal negotiations for land acquisitions, and establishes grievance mechanisms such as a hotline for dispute resolution. The company will conduct social and environmental assessments across its supply chain starting in Brazil, its top sugar-sourcing country, by the end of the year, followed by Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines, according to an Oxfam release.