Samsung Wants to Be the World's Biggest Appliance Maker by 2015


Grobart, Sam [2014], “Samsung Wants to Be the World's Biggest Appliance Maker by 2015”, Business Week, New York, 09 de enero,

Business Week
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Jueves, Enero 9, 2014
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The technology industry hums with disruptive new companies that enter the market by taking share away from others or creating markets of their own. The brands that dominate the kitchen appliances field today -- Whirlpool, General Electric, Kenmore -- are the same names consumers have known for decades. Samsung Electronics plans to upend that. The Korean electronics company says it wants to become the world's largest appliance manufacturer by 2015. It's already the fastest-growing appliance brand in the US, having jumped from 2.3% in market share to more than 10.5% over the last five years. Beyond its Smart Home designs, Samsung has pushed appliance-specific features into each product to differentiate them from the competition. For Samsung to become the world leader in appliances, it will have to broaden its appeal with cheaper models, says Bob Baird, VP for appliance merchandising at Home Depot.