The Pentagon Just Saved BlackBerry From Total Oblivion


Grobart, Sam [2014], “The Pentagon Just Saved BlackBerry From Total Oblivion”, Business Week, New York, 22 de enero,

Business Week
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Miércoles, Enero 22, 2014
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For a while there, it looked as if BlackBerry's market value was going to be eclipsed by 1990s-era R&B outfit Blackstreet. But on Tuesday, the Canadian company was extended a lifeline from US taxpayers. The US Department of Defense is about to roll out a fancy new wireless network, and the primary device it wants to use on it are BlackBerry handsets. The Pentagon is saying that more than 80,000 BlackBerrys will be supported on the new network, cementing the company's dominance among defense workers. As a point of comparison, only 1,800 iOS and Android devices are to be initially supported on the new network.