Volkswagen's Loudest Critic Is a Company Leader


Stock, Kyle [2014], “Volkswagen's Loudest Critic Is a Company Leader”, Business Week, New York, 23 de enero,

Business Week
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Jueves, Enero 23, 2014
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Any doubt whether Volkswagen has lost its way in North America all but vanished this week when the company's top labor boss blasted its US strategy. Bernd Osterloh, head of Volkswagen's works council and a member of its supervisory board, told reporters in Germany that the situation in the US is a disaster. He said the company wasn't likely to meet its goal of selling 1 million vehicles in the US by 2018 and its struggles will continue in the country for at least two more years. You know things are bad when a top company official likens his product to worms. But Osterloh's tough love is a common refrain among car folks, albeit a particularly public one.