Apple's Next China Challenge Comes From Local Smartphone Rivals


Einhorn, Bruce [2014], “Apple's Next China Challenge Comes From Local Smartphone Rivals”, Business Week, New York, 28 de enero,

Business Week
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Martes, Enero 28, 2014
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Toward the end of last year, Apple scored two big breakthroughs in Asia. NTT Docomo, the No. 1 mobile operator in Japan, finally reached a deal with Apple in September to sell the iPhone in the world's third-largest economy. And then China Mobile, the leading operator in the world's second-largest economy, at last came to terms with Apple in December. Those deals came too late in the year to have much of an impact on Apple's 2013 earnings but should provide a boost to sales this year -- and as they saw from Apple's earnings and market-share announcements yesterday, the company may need the lift. Unfortunately for Apple, making gains in China, Japan, and other parts of Asia will be more difficult this year, too. According to Tim Cook, China Mobile sales of the iPhone have gotten off to an incredible start. Still, Chinese companies that haven't been in Apple's league are now moving more aggressively into the smartphone business.