Is Wall Street Pay Hampering U.S. Innovation?


Kolhatkar, Sheelah [2014], “Is Wall Street Pay Hampering U.S. Innovation?”, Business Week, New York, 26 de febrero,

Business Week
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Miércoles, Febrero 26, 2014
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In 2009, when the economy was still convulsing from the financial crisis, Daniel Roth published a piece about the future of Wall Street suggesting that the financial industry's temporary paralysis might be a good thing. No one likes to see an industry die, but there is an upside, he wrote in what seemed like a prescient article in Wired magazine that June. But by all accounts, the opposite occurred. The surviving banks became bigger and more powerful than ever, and the paychecks remained enormous, even if the institutions themselves are somewhat leaner. Now Andrew Yang, who founded and runs Venture for America, a fellowship program that places top college graduates in startups for two years, is here with yet another critique of the fact that a disproportionate number of college graduates are squandering their hard-earned educations on Wall Street careers.