Audi Swipes BMW's Luxury Crown. Keeping It Will Be Harder


Stock, Kyle [2014], “Audi Swipes BMW's Luxury Crown. Keeping It Will Be Harder”, Business Week, New York, 11 de marzo,

Business Week
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Martes, Marzo 11, 2014
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Two months into (2014), Audi has nudged ahead of BMW in the race to sell to luxury car buyers around the world. Through February, the blue-chip Volkswagen brand has sold almost 242,500 vehicles, about 9% more than in the year-earlier period and just a smidgeon ahead of BMW's "Ultimate Driving" machines. There's certainly a lot to like in Audi at the moment, but a lot of road remains before we hit the 2014 home stretch. With new 2-series and 4-series models rolling out, BMW can catch up quickly. The race, meanwhile, will be decided in two places -- China and the US.