The Chinese Want Their Own Cargill”,


Roberts, Dexter [2014], “The Chinese Want Their Own Cargill”, Business Week, New York, 20 de marzo,

Business Week
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Jueves, Marzo 20, 2014
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For years, China's automakers, oil and gas players, and technology companies have pursued their global ambitions by acquiring foreign companies. Now Chinese agriculture is getting its turn. On Feb. 28, China's largest food processor and grain trader, Cofco, originally known as China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corp., announced it would buy 51% of Dutch grain trader Nidera. The investment gives the state-owned company access to port terminals, grain elevators, and processing facilities for soybean, wheat, and corn in Argentina and Brazil, as well as Nidera's seed business. Days later the industry was talking about Cofco's probable next move outside its home market: purchasing the agricultural commodities trading operation of Hong Kong-based Noble Group. Early this year, China's leaders signaled an end to self-sufficiency as a policy.