Four Reasons Why Coca-Cola Will Stick to Sweet Sodas


Wong, Venessa [2014], “Four Reasons Why Coca-Cola Will Stick to Sweet Sodas”, Business Week, New York, 10 de abril,

Business Week
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Jueves, Abril 10, 2014
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In spite of the widespread vilification of sugary beverages in the US Coca-Cola is not shying away from soda. In fact, it's doubling down with an additional $1 billion in advertising through 2016. Even though Americans are drinking far less of the stuff these days, Coca-Cola's big bet might not be a bad idea. Here are four reasons why Coca-Cola will stick to sweet sodas: 1. People around the world are drinking more soda. 2. Coke is in the right markets for sugary drinks. 3. The global ranks of middle-class teens, Coke's core consumers, are growing. 4. For the health conscious, new low-calorie sodas are coming.