Chinese Cash Chases High-Tech Deals in the U.S.


Larson, Christina [2014], “Chinese Cash Chases High-Tech Deals in the U.S.”, Business Week, New York, 22 de abril,

Business Week
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Martes, Abril 22, 2014
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Twenty years ago, China was a relatively poor country with minimal outbound investment. The Chinese outbound investment portfolio has significantly broadened. A report from the Asia Society and Rhodium Group, High Tech: The Next Wave of Chinese Investment in America, tracks the growth and diversification of Chinese investment in the US. Rhodium Group's China Investment Monitor, which launched in 2011, is a database tracking Chinese investment in the US. Its records show that Chinese companies signed 794 investment deals with US companies from 2000 to 2013, totaling $36.1 billion. In particular, the report examines trends in Chinese investment in 15 high-tech industries, including software and IT services, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and renewable energy.