Toyota's Silent Subaru Stake Pays Off


Stock, Kyle [2014], “Toyota's Silent Subaru Stake Pays Off”, Business Week, New York, 08 de mayo,

Business Week
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Jueves, Mayo 8, 2014
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Toyota is arguably on top of the car world. The company reported an unprecedented profit of 1.8 trillion yen ($17.6 billion) for the 12 months ended March, a surge of almost 90%. Buoyed by a weak home currency, the Japanese giant has been selling more cars than any other company in the world: 10 million in 2013. But Toyota's hottest cars don't carry its name or even a Lexus badge, for that matter. Subaru, a company in which Toyota owns a 16.5% stake, is putting Toyota sales to shame. Toyota's Subaru buy certainly has borne fruit in recent months. Earnings from "affiliated companies" surged 37.5% in today's annual report. That's 318 billion yen that did not come from a Camry or Prius