Is the 'Golden Age' for Multinationals in China Over?


Roberts, Dexter [2014], “Is the 'Golden Age' for Multinationals in China Over?”, Business Week, New York, 30 de mayo,

Business Week
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Viernes, Mayo 30, 2014
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Are the good times over? That's the question being asked by multinationals in China, according to a new survey of 552 companies released yesterday by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, together with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. With the Chinese economy slowing and labor costs rising, as well as competition increasing from local companies, including state-owned ones, European businesses are feeling the pinch. Overall, 59% of those enterprises surveyed reported year-on-year revenue growth in 2013, down from 62% in 2012 and 75% the year before that. Meanwhile, the proportion of companies making a profit dropped to 63%, down from 74% in 2010. More than half of European companies say they believe foreign businesses are discriminated against in China.