What You Need to Know About Amazon's New Fire Phone


Brustein, Joshua [2014], “What You Need to Know About Amazon's New Fire Phone”, Business Week, New York, 18 de junio, http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/articles/2014-06-18/amazons-fire-phone-what-...

Business Week
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Miércoles, Junio 18, 2014
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It's official: Amazon.com is in the phone business. CEO Jeff Bezos showed off a black glass rectangle with a rubber frame called the Fire Phone. What makes the Fire Phone truly Amazonian is the Firefly Button. By pressing it, users can use the phone's camera to recognize (and purchase) physical products or its microphone to listen to (and purchase) songs. The pressure to do something like this has been mounting for years. Without its own hardware, Amazon couldn't create its own shopping apps without sharing the proceeds with intermediaries, such as Apple, which takes a cut of each purchases made on iPhone apps. Amazon has always survived on tiny margins -- letting another company take a big cut was apparently a bridge too far.