The Fight to Export U.S. Oil


Philips, Matthew [2014], “The Fight to Export U.S. Oil”, Business Week, New York, 10 de julio,

Business Week
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Jueves, Julio 10, 2014
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To sell abroad or stay at home: Those are the terms of a debate roiling the US oil industry. At the heart of the disagreement is a 1975 ban on US oil exports imposed by Congress when domestic reserves were dwindling and the country was still spooked by the 1973 Arab embargo. Thanks to new technology, oil production in the US now tops eight million barrels a day, the highest since 1988. That's prompted US producers to call for an end to the ban so they can serve new markets. The American Petroleum Institute says lifting the export ban would create 300,000 jobs across the economy and cut the trade deficit by $22 billion by 2020. Those against ending the ban point to its economic benefit