High Stakes in Africa: Can the U.S. Catch China?


French, Howard W. [2014], “High Stakes in Africa: Can the U.S. Catch China?”, Business Week, New York, 31 de julio, http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/articles/2014-07-31/how-the-u-dot-s-dot-can-...

Business Week
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Jueves, Julio 31, 2014
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To be attentive to history is to be on the lookout for pivotal moments, and in the geopolitics surrounding Africa, the 1990s stand out as a hugely pivotal time. With the Cold War scarcely over, the West turned its attention away from the continent, largely defining its problems as humanitarian issues, which are traditionally the lowest station of foreign policy priorities. Many people who have focused on China's burgeoning ties with Africa since then have made the easy mistake of believing the country's strategy is mostly a natural resources play. China's dreams of Africa are not unlike the Western dreams of China over the past century, which consisted of an immense volume play: a vision of selling a yard of cloth or a gadget or a bauble to every Chinese person. Anyone who travels in Africa today can see that vision being patiently implemented. It consists of gradually familiarizing consumers with Chinese products, from mattresses to mobile phones.