China's Huawei, Unwelcome in the U.S., Finds Favor in Canada


Einhorn, Bruce, Andrew Mayeda y Theophilos Argitis [2014], “China's Huawei, Unwelcome in the U.S., Finds Favor in Canada”, Business Week, New York, 07 de agosto,

Business Week
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Jueves, Agosto 7, 2014
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For years, Huawei Technologies has been a pariah in the US. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in 2012 issued a report concluding that its ties to the Chinese government pose a threat to US national security and that Americans should avoid buying from the company, China's biggest maker of telecom-networking equipment. The company has scaled back its ambitions in the US for the time being. Instead, it's turned to another North American market, with far better results. In Canada, Huawei supplies 3G and 4G network equipment to Bell Canada and Telus, two of the nation's big three cellular operators. Until recently, the Chinese company's strategy up north was to maintain a relatively low profile, says Scott Bradley, Huawei Canada's vice president for corporate and government affairs. Bradley says Huawei has new opportunities in Canada because of changing regulations that, as of December, prohibit carriers from locking consumers into three-year contracts.