Chevron Puts Hawaiian Solar Projects on Ice


Elgin, Ben [2014], “Chevron Puts Hawaiian Solar Projects on Ice”, Business Week, New York, 13 de agosto,

Business Week
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Miércoles, Agosto 13, 2014
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Chevron has taken another step away from its renewable-energy efforts, putting a pair of solar projects at its Kapolei refinery in West Oahu, Hawaii, on indefinite hold. The tabled projects, first reported earlier this week by Pacific Business News, include a farm of solar panels that would have spanned almost five acres, supplying as much as 1 megawatt of electricity to the local utility. Chevron also shelved a demonstration solar thermal project, which would have covered about 15 acres and used mirrors to generate steam to help power the Hawaii refinery. In recent months, Chevron, the second-biggest oil company in the US, has quietly been pulling back from renewable-energy endeavors, despite a long-promoted commitment to develop what its corporate Web site calls "newer, cleaner ways to power the world."