Foreigners Cry Foul as China Widens Antimonopoly Probes


Einhorn, Bruce [2014], “Foreigners Cry Foul as China Widens Antimonopoly Probes”, Business Week, New York, 14 de agosto,

Business Week
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Jueves, Agosto 14, 2014
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The backlash to China's latest campaign against foreign companies has begun. The country's antimonopoly enforcers have been on a tear, targeting such automakers as Audi, Chrysler, and Mercedes as well as tech companies such as Microsoft and Qualcomm. As reported last week, while multinationals are entitled to question investigator demands and appeal their rulings, companies run the risk of adding to their problems by exposing themselves to accusations of obstructing investigations. Now one business group is yelling foul. As China widens its investigations, the government needs to be more concerned about the rights of the foreign companies, says an association that represents European companies. To which the Chinese media say: Multinationals shouldn't be complaining.