Why Companies Don't Train Workers Anymore


Schrager, Allison [2014], “Why Companies Don't Train Workers Anymore”, Business Week, New York, 22 de agosto, http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/articles/2014-08-22/is-on-the-job-training-s...

Business Week
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Viernes, Agosto 22, 2014
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Associate editor Matthew Philips raised an interesting question about the skill gap, pointing to new research that claims the problem is not that workers are unqualified, but that companies' expectations have changed: They are no longer investing resources in training their staff. It's not hard to see why. Training is expensive, and Philips notes that people now spend less time in their jobs, which lowers the expected return on the training investment. Craig Copeland, of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, estimates that in 1983, almost 60% of men (ages 45 to 49) had been at their job for more than 10 years. Technology, in part, has made some skills far less specific. Skills have also become more flexible as the service industry has grown.