Anti-Chevron Activists Lash Out at Feminist Lawyers Supporting the Oil Company


Barrett, Paul M. [2014], “Anti-Chevron Activists Lash Out at Feminist Lawyers Supporting the Oil Company”, Business Week, New York, 20 de octubre,

Business Week
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Lunes, Octubre 20, 2014
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In the through-the-looking-glass world of the Chevron oil pollution case, supposed facts are stranger than fiction, and nothing is as it seems. The latest illustration: Anti-Chevron activists are accusing a prominent feminist group of selling its reputation to the oil company. Chevron sought the ruling that attorney Steven Donziger violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act as part of its strategy to undermine enforcement of the Ecuadorean judgment. The Donziger-Hinton press release quotes Donziger's lead Ecuadorean co-counsel, Pablo Fajardo, as saying that it certainly appears that Chevron has paid for a legal brief while trying to make it seem to the court like it came from a disinterested party. The rain forest in Ecuador is polluted. There are legitimate questions about culpability for that unfortunate situation.