Do We Still Need to Ban U.S. Oil Exports?


Anónimo [2014], “Do We Still Need to Ban U.S. Oil Exports?”, Business Week, New York, 06 de noviembre,

Business Week
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Jueves, Noviembre 6, 2014
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Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts talked about the US oil export ban. Summers said that if the US allows oil exports, the price received by American producers will raise, which will lead to more production -- meaning more employment and investment. Permitting the export of oil will actually reduce the price of gasoline. He added that exports will create the need for infrastructure, which will create jobs. On the on other hand, Markey that allowing exports will raise the price of domestic oil, but there's no guarantee it will lower the international price of oil. It could simply raise US prices to the level of the international market, which will lead to higher gasoline prices in the country.