India vs. China: The Battle for Global Manufacturing


Einhorn, Bruce [2014], “India vs. China: The Battle for Global Manufacturing”, Business Week, New York, 06 de noviembre,

Business Week
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Jueves, Noviembre 6, 2014
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With its chronic blackouts, crumbling roads, and other infrastructure woes, India should have no appeal for John Ginascol. A VP at Abbott Laboratories, Ginascol is responsible for ensuring that the company's food-products factories run smoothly worldwide. Yet Abbott has just opened its first plant in India, and Ginascol says there haven't been any nightmares so far. As for India's infrastructure, Ginascol has no complaints. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hoping other executives will be similarly impressed with the ease of manufacturing in his country. In an attempt to build India's industrial base nationwide, Modi is pushing the Make in India campaign, designed to attract foreign investment by highlighting the ongoing changes. But there are still plenty of reasons for companies to be wary about India. China is now the No. 1 manufacturing location for Hong Kong-based TAL Group, one of the world's largest producers of dress shirts for men.