Coca-Cola Wants to Buy the World a Milk


Wong, Venessa [2014], “Coca-Cola Wants to Buy the World a Milk”, Business Week, New York, 01 de diciembre,

Business Week
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Lunes, Diciembre 1, 2014
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Coca-Cola has already claimed its place in the soda, water, energy drink, and juice markets. Now the company is going after milk. The beverage giant is preparing a nationwide launch of a high-end milk, called Fairlife, in 2015. Fairlife is the product of a joint venture formed by Coca-Cola and dairy co-op Select Milk Producers in 2012. Coke saw the partnership as an opportunity to develop "higher quality value-added health and wellness beverages," particularly what it calls value-added dairy. By that, the company means Fairlife isn't your average milk: It's got more protein and calcium than standard milk, half the sugar, and is lactose-free.