China Is the World's Top Exporter of Dirty Money


Roberts, Dexter [2014], “China Is the World's Top Exporter of Dirty Money”, Business Week, New York, 17 de diciembre,

Business Week
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Miércoles, Diciembre 17, 2014
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China's push to invest big bucks abroad has been heating up, following a record $108 billion of direct investment overseas last year. There's also a less-savory variety of capital leaving China in larger sums than ever. According to a report from Washington-based Global Financial Integrity, China's illicit outflows (capital leaving the country illegally) hit $249.57 billion in 2012, the last year of available data. That figure is larger than anywhere else in the developing world, according to the report, which tracks illicit outflows from 2003 to 2012. Second to China in illegal outflows, both in 2012 and cumulatively over the 10 years was Russia, with $122.86 billion and $973.86 billion, respectively.