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Lost in the maize. Why fertiliser subsidies in Africa have not worked. Good intentions, poor results The Economist
Scandal, outrage and politics. Do social media threaten democracy? Facebook, Google and Twitter were supposed to save politics as good information drove out prejudice and falsehood. Something has gone very wrong The Economist
Flicking the switch. Cisco adapts to the rise of cloud computing. The tech firm’s goals seem achievable The Economist
Less Euromaidan, more Gamergate. Once considered a boon to democracy, social media have started to look like its nemesis. An economy based on attention is easily gamed The Economist
Shrink to fit. General Motors is getting smaller but more profitable. Yet uncertainty about how it will fare in future still weighs on its share price The Economist
3G Capital, magicians of the consumer industry, need to learn a new act. The investment firm's main props—cheap debt and stable demand for Big Food's products—are wearing out The Economist
Dropped connection. Trouble for the AT&T-Time Warner deal. As media giants look to consolidate, the climate for mergers gets chillier The Economist
A king-to-be’s ransom. The prospects for the world’s biggest IPO. Saudi Aramco cannot be seen in isolation from the kingdom it funds The Economist
Silence, please. How to get rid of weeds by crossing them with GM crops. Domesticating weeds in order to destroy them The Economist
The new bazaar. E-commerce takes off. E-commerce is transforming business and daily life, mostly for the better, says Charlotte Howard The Economist