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The ultimate walled garden. China has the world’s most centralised internet system. A perfect example of a Hamiltonian internet for maximum control The Economist
A wild ride. Radical reforms in Saudi Arabia are changing the Gulf and the Arab world. The crown prince is liberalising social norms and the economy, but clamping down on political dissent, says Anton La Guardia The Economist
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Donald v the OPEC dons. The American president is stirring up trouble in a volatile oil market. If he cannot arm-twist OPEC, he may unleash America's Special Petroleum Reserve The Economist
The television will be revolutionised. Netflix is moving television beyond time-slots and national markets. It may make screen-based entertainment a winner-takes-most business The Economist
Insecurity complex. Gulf states fear being encircled by Iran and abandoned by America. Alliances are shifting and Gulf leaders are even making up with Israel The Economist
FAANGs v BATs. America's tech giants vie with China's in third countries. The most titanic commercial battle in the world The Economist