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Cracking on. America's chemicals industry is booming. But politics may get in its way. It is one of America's largest export sectors, but it will suffer in a trade war The Economist
Capital and punishment. How convict labour increased inequality. Forcing prisoners to work lowered wages and increased unemployment The Economist
The somewhat reluctant hegemon. Germany has been slow to reassess its place in the world. Germany's traditional foreign-policy doctrines are coming under pressure The Economist
Inside the black box. Humans may not always grasp why AIs act. Don't panic. Humans are inscrutable too. Existing rules and regulations can apply to artificial intelligence The Economist
Drones and guerrilla warfare. Home-made drones now threaten conventional armed forces. Their small size and large numbers can overwhelm defences The Economist
In algorithms we trust. How AI is spreading throughout the supply chain. AI is making companies swifter, cleverer and leaner The Economist
The duty to deter. If Syria's despot is not punished, others will use chemical weapons. Strikes on Bashar al-Assad's air bases are justified The Economist
Unmarked. What to make of Mark Zuckerberg's testimony. Both the Facebook boss and his questioners in Congress fail to reassure The Economist
Smile, you're on camera. There will be little privacy in the workplace of the future. AI will make workplaces more efficient, safer—and much creepier The Economist
High hopes. Could Tibetan clouds save China from drought? A huge rain-making project is being mulled in the Himalayas The Economist