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Life on the edge. The era of the cloud's total dominance is drawing to a close The Economist
Seeking 'energy dominance'. The shale boom could prove a double-edged sword for America. Extracting more oil and gas from shale has increased America’s influence abroad, but not all for the good The Economist
Drawing the battle lines. America's gripes with China make a deal hard to imagine. At the heart of the disagreement is China's industrial policy The Economist
A silk road through ice. China wants to be a polar power. It would like a bigger say in the Arctic The Economist
A burning issue in Africa. Africa's big carbon emitters admit they have a problem. Can they continue developing and still uphold the Paris climate agreement? The Economist
Dismantling Deutsche Bank. Should one of the world's largest banks be wound down? The danger is that Deutsche staggers on, cloaked in German patriotism The Economist
A fine habit. Qualcomm is fined for anti-competitive practices—again. The European Commission slaps the chipmaker with a penalty of $1.2bn The Economist
Spreading life to other planets. Colonising the galaxy is hard. Why not send bacteria instead? Seeding alien worlds with terrestrial life is now being discussed The Economist
Children of Merkel. Where does Germany go from here? German politics has become too quiet. It needs more democratic rough-and-tumble The Economist
The new Germans. How Germany and the Germans have changed. Germany is becoming a more open, fragmented country. That will mean rethinking many ingrained habits, says Jeremy Cliffe The Economist