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Xiaomi's forthcoming IPO shows how the rules of business are changing. The firm embodies a Chinese corporate ideal that is very different from America's The Economist
Hyenas and cheetahs. Artificial intelligence is awakening the chip industry’s animal spirits. Generalist chips are ceding some of the savannah to new, specialist processors The Economist
Munching into orbit. A rocket that devours itself. A new way to launch small satellites The Economist
Cleaner living. European firms are increasingly tackling the scourge of bribery. Governments in Europe are catching up with America in pursuing corporate graft The Economist
Opening the gates. Chinese travellers of all sorts have become ubiquitous. China's decision to let its people travel abroad freely is changing the world. James Miles argues that it is changing China, too The Economist
Citizens of the world. Why many rich Chinese don't live in China. Wealthy Chinese increasingly choose to live abroad The Economist
A long way from home. Chinese workers and traders in Africa. Growing numbers of Chinese see opportunities in the developing world The Economist
For better or worse. Spraying herbicides changes the flavour and nutritional value of crops. The role of agricultural chemicals in food The Economist
Bentonville, meet Bangalore. Walmart takes a second shot at the Indian market. Its $16bn purchase of Flipkart is India's biggest foreign acquisition The Economist
The $100bn bet. The meaning of the Vision Fund. Succeed or fail, Masayoshi Son is changing the world of technology investing The Economist