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GrAIt expectations. Non-tech businesses are beginning to use artificial intelligence at scale. Artificial intelligence is spreading beyond the technology sector, with big consequences for companies, workers and consumers, says Alexandra Suich Bass The Economist
Clean could get dirty. A scramble for the minerals used in renewable energy is under way. America produces few of the commodities it needs The Economist
The new power superpowers. Clean power is shaking up the global geopolitics of energy. Energy transitions change the world, writes Henry Tricks. So who will be the winners and losers of the green revolution? The Economist
Down the slippery slope. A Chinese oil baron is reportedly detained by the authorities. The reasons for Ye Jianming's reported detention are as mysterious as CEFC itself The Economist
Electric dreams. Welcome an electric world. Worry about the transition. As fuels, oil and electricity have meaningfully different characteristics The Economist
Chemical paralysis. Why controlling chemical weapons is so hard. The agency that fights them can act only if countries let it The Economist
Word of warming. Switching to renewables will not be as rapid as many hope. Clean energy may not yet have reached a tipping-point The Economist
Technopolitics. The challenger. In blocking Broadcom’s takeover of Qualcomm, Donald Trump showed that America is worried about Chinese tech. It has a point. It doesn’t have an answer The Economist
Google is quietly providing AI technology for drone strike targeting project Artículo científico
Transnational Corporations and the Global Environment Artículo científico